• Respect all chat users.

Be gentle with your conversations. Keep in mind that general community rules apply here,

  • Pay attention to the choice of chat topics

Blasphemy / Slang / Insult / Propaganda / Politics etc. in chat rooms. It is forbidden to talk about humiliating issues that may disturb other users

  • Ad not allowed in chat panels

It is illegal to write commercial and advertising messages, to distribute misinformation, to disturb other members.

  • You cannot mislead gender in image and sound

Gender misleading in terms of image and sound is one of the most obvious prohibitions within the system. Misleading materials such as hats, headscarves, glasses may not be used in addition to the gender you have specified when you login.

  • You should pay attention to disguise and dress rules in video chat

Actions such as making naked video chats or standing in front of the camera with your underwear are not allowed.

*Conversation by moderators will be blocked if other accepted community rules not written here are violated